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Project Description

Xiph Media Encoder is a wizard which help you to transcode automatically audio files in FLAC, Vorbis and Speex. It generates flexible PowerShell scripts.



The generated PowerShell scripts simply use the official command-line encoders : flac.exe, etc.

You can use Xiph Media Encoder 2 to :
  • Encode Wave PCM files in FLAC ;
  • Decode FLAC files in Wave PCM ;
  • Update FLAC files to a newer version of the codec ;
  • Encode FLAC files in Vorbis ;
  • Encode Wave PCM files in Vorbis ;
  • Decode Vorbis files in Wave PCM ;
  • Encode Wave PCM files in Speex ;
  • Decode Speex files in Wave PCM.

Xiph Media Creator 2 allows you to :
  • Get tags from the filename and path ;
  • Build filenames according to their tags ;
  • Save files in different folders according to their tags ;
  • Use multicore processors or processors using SSE2 instruction at their best ;
  • Specify the priority of the different operations ;
  • Use all the options provided by command-line encoders ;
  • Shutdown or hibernate the computer when the work is over.

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